Daily Diva Word

Daily Diva Word – Again

Daily Diva Word-Again

Daily Diva Word – Again Daily Diva Word – Again. When we were children, we were so into our present surrounding we could watch a movie or play a game, over and over again. As adults, we usually grow tired of the AGAIN game, as if delight was an inconvenience. Remember the last time you got flowers? Wouldn’t it be great to get them again? How about the last time you had a manicure, a massage, a kiss, a hot fudge sundae. All of those delights fall into the category of AGAIN. With everything in life, you have a choice to use your powers for good or evil. Make, Let’s Do It Again, your call to arms for a life full of fun and delight. And the next time you run across something that just tickles you pink, by all …